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Note: By submitting your list of dropping names you agree to transfer any name we accept into the Second Chance Domain program subject to accepting of our terms of service.

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How our program works: To qualify for consideration domain names that you submit must be names that will expire in the next 30 days and that you do not intend to renew or domain names that have already expired but are still in redemption period and available to renew and transfer.  If your domain names are accepted into the second chance program you will receive an agreement for services stating the terms of our service and how much money you will make if the select domain name(s) sells within one year. If you agree to the terms you will receive instructions how to transfer your chosen domain names to us.  Once the transfer of your names to us is complete our marketing team will list your expired domain names on KetMo.com and over 30 other sites in our domain name reseller network and engage in strategic marketing efforts to promote your domain names to end user buyers. If the domain names that you have transferred to us sell within one year from date transfer is completed you will receive payment according to the terms of the agreement. 

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Second Chance Domain Program Helps Investors Profit From Dropping Domains

Company paying cash for select expired or dropping domain names

Stop throwing away money and walking away from valuable  domain name investments and start making money from expiring domain names says Scott Alliy CEO of domain name reseller KetMo.com and creator of an exciting new domain monetization program at SecondChanceDomains.com.

Scott, a domain industry veteran and Internet marketing expert has created a unique second chance program to help domain name investors make money from expiring domain name investments that they were ready to write off. .Although he can't recall specific domain names Scott is pretty confident that one or more domain names that he has walked away from over the last 20 years by letting it drop or expire have been entered into the domain aftermarket where they have been bought and produced profits for the new owners. His new second chance domain services being offered by Ketmo.com provides domain owners with qualified domain names the opportunity to earn generous profits off a sale of any name they enter and that is accepted into the program..

Anyone with dropping domain names or domain names in redemption period is eligible to apply says Scott. All they need to do is to visit SecondChanceDomains.com and follow the easy instructions to submit their list of domain names for consideration. There is no cost to submit unlimited qualified domain names says Scott. If their domain name is selected owners agree to transfer their domain to KetMo.com who will pay the annual domain renewal fee and transfer charges that may apply.

There are many reasons to consider submitting names to the second chance program instead of letting them expire but perhaps the best reason is that KetMo.com has the tools and team and skills necessary to market your names and locate a buyer something most domain investors that drop names were unable to do themselves.  Once KetMo.com obtains possession of the qualified domain property the sales marketing team will initiate actions aimed at getting the name exposed to qualified buyers in our aftermarket domain sales network of over 27 websites and on popular Social media sites on the net.

"The thing that makes our Second chance domains program so exciting is the thought that a domain owner could actually make money, perhaps a lot of money from a situation that they initially were prepared to walk away from and lose money" Scott says.

Some of the many reasons that domain investors with dropping domain names should consider submitting them to the Second chance domain program include

Highly selective Process - We only intend to accept domain names that we feel will sell within the next year

Domain Sales Experience - KetMo.com network of domain sales websites is growing and so is the popularity of our brand in the market place.  KetMo.com is experiencing exponential growth in popularity and respect in the domain investor community and receiving an ever increasing number of indexed search pages and increased traffic and numbers of qualified end user domain name buyers to sites in our domain resales network.

Multiple Sales Channels - AIS the parent company of KetMo.com also owns BrandsTek.com, PremiumGTLDs.com, NextDN.com Dotsperity.com, and many other domain reseller websites in a growing network of aftermarket domain websites where domain buyers may be looking for a name like the one you are considering dropping for a loss.

"Don't let another valuable name drop and risk the agony of seeing someone make big bucks on your initial idea and investment" says Scott.  Submit your expiring domain names to SecondChanceDomains.com and let our  qualified domain agents at SecondChanceDomains.com and KetMo.com review and consider them for entry into the second chance domain program.  if your names are  accepted your could turn your financial losses into financial windfalls in the coming months.